Oriel Silk Flowers is a family run business, that has earned a name parallel with quality and an apt for style; our range of elegant artificial floral arrangements are handcrafted from the finest sourced quality flowers, foliage and accessories.

Designed and handcrafted at our floral design studio, our beautiful arrangements feature a combination of striking lush foliage, which often includes grasses, branches, willow twigs and vines layered and displayed for their designer appeal; sourced realistic looking silk flowers are to chosen to add colour, style and clarity to each arrangement. To add the finishing touches, we use a range of containers to display our floral arrangements which are either lightweight resin, art glass and oversized vases, or ceramic pots – all incorporating the overall design.

Trading in Co. Louth, Ireland; we constantly source products from around the globe to add innovative designs to our realistic flower arrangements.  We pride ourselves on an exquisite product range of the highest quality and invite you to explore the wonderful world that is simply Oriel Silk Flowers.